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Identosphere Blogcatcher is a static weblog feed aggregator for the people organizations and companies in the digital identity space, with a focus on Self Sovereign \ Decentralized Identity. We use these feeds to stay up to date on happenings in the Identosphere.

Personal Blogs

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Team Identosphere

Infominer (Principle)

Research and Publishing

Kaliya Identity Woman (Principle)

Digital Identity Specialist

Michael J Becker

Business Strategist


  • 2019

    In the beginning

    Kaliya and Infominer connected over our shared passion for curating and creating resources related to the digital identity ecosystem.

  • 2020

    Enter Identosphere

    Exploring our potential to bring together insight from the spheres of identity and create valuable resources in a sustainable fashion.


Industry Research

We bring together information about developments across the digital identity landscape to deliver condensed and actionable insight.

Curated Resources

Shining our particular light to topics surrounding the development of decentralized identity solutions.

Community Insight

Virtual tours of the communities working to solve sovereign identification for people organizations and things.


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